Essential Oils & Dogs

So many people wonder if essential oils are safe to use on and around dogs. It is a fair question, because so many essential oils on the market are NOT safe to be used on or around dogs…or humans. Some essential oils are made in a lab using synthetic fragrances, very similar to the process of making perfume. Others are distilled from actual plants, but they are distilled using toxic chemicals that then are in the essential oils that come from these plants. In either case, the product that is labeled as an essential oil does contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs…and humans.

The great news is there is one brand of oils that come from plants that are grown without pesticides or other toxic chemicals, that are distilled through a steam distillation process, and are tested for purity before being sold to the consumer. This brand is Young Living Essential Oils!

Young Living actually has an entire line of essential oils specially formulated for pets, called Animal Scents. If you’re just starting to use essential oils with your dogs, this is probably the easiest place to start!

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these oils. As you can see from the photo above, Selah is a huge fan of essential oils! I had my oils out to organize them the other day, and Selah came into the room and kept scooting closer and closer until she was right up next to them. It was super funny to watch her creeping closer and closer, as if I wasn’t going to notice her if she moved really, really slowly 😂

The key when using essential oils with your dog is to 1) use a brand that is safe and 2) start slow. I always knew Young Living’s oils were SAFE to use on and around Selah, but when she was an itty bitty puppy, she didn’t like to be close to a diffuser when it was turned on or next to me when I had just applied oils to myself. The scent was a bit overpowering for her. However, as she got older, she started exploring oils on her own. She would go right up next to the diffuser and sniff the air coming out or crawl up next to me in bed and sniff my neck when I had just applied oils.

Once Selah started showing these signs of interest, I started using oils actually on her…very slowly. The thing to remember is that dog’s are much more sensitive to smell than we are, plus in Selah’s case, she is much smaller than I am. So when I think about oil application for her, I use way less than I would use on myself for the same purpose.

At 7 months old, as you can see from this photo, Selah is quite comfortable around essential oils. In fact, she often picks the oil that she needs! I will put out a few oils in front of her, and she will move some out of the way and then sniff the one that she needs and keep sniffing it until I open it up for her. Our bodies know what we need if we will simply listen…

Just like with humans, there is no one way to use essential oils with dogs. Each one is unique, each one has their own individual needs, and each one will be drawn to different oils. That being said, there are some oils that people often use with success with their dogs, and those oils are a great place to start! Oils like Lavender, Copaiba, Peace & Calming, and Frankincense are some favorites in addition to the Animal Scents line!

If you’re already using Young Living Essential Oils with your pets, which are some of your pups favorites?

*Disclaimer: When using essential oils with dogs, just like with humans, it is wise to do your research and learn how to safely and effectively use the oils. Ideas shared in this post are what have worked for my dog and other dogs I know, but your dog is unique and you’ll have to take some time to figure out what works best for him/her. It’s always best to consult a holistic veterinarian if you have any concerns about your dog’s health and how essential oils might be used in conjunction with their wellness routine.

This Recipe is “The Bomb”

I love experimenting with new ways to use essential oils! Even after nearly four years of using essential oils, I’m continually learning new and beneficial ways to use my oils!

So where do I find new recipes? Some recipes I’ve found in reference books, like the Essential Oils Desk Reference from Life Science Publishers. Other recipes have come from friends sharing a DIY recipe that has worked for them…I seriously have gotten some of the BEST recipes through word of mouth! I also have a few recipe books that I’ve acquired over the years where I’ve found some real winners!

“The Bomb” is a recipe that comes from a booklet by Melissa Poepping that is now out of print, The Chemical Free Home. According to the book, this recipe is for “lighter, happier periods.” Hello, ladies, who doesn’t want that??? 🙋🏻‍♀️

The recipe calls for 10 drops Cypress, 10 drops Geranium, and 2 drops Helichrysum, plus some V-6 Carrier Oil.* Carefully drop the essential oils into an empty 15 ml YL bottle, then top off the bottle with Young Living’s V-6 Carrier Oil and put a YL roller fitment on top. Now you’re ready to go!

I apply this recipe to my lower abdomen and/or my inner ankles. I’m sure you can figure out the application to the abdomen area, but you might be wondering why the inner ankles? According to many naturopathic sources, the inner ankles are a great place to apply things that help with healthy hormone balance for women. I’m not a science nerd, and I don’t have the best explanation of exactly why that is, but I do know that it seems to be a great application point for me personally, so it might be worth a try for you as well. 😀

Oh, don’t forget, another BFF for every woman who wants happy hormones is Progessence Plus. Oh my goodness! That is a whole separate post, but any time I’m talking about happy hormones, I can’t help but mention this little gem! 💎

What are your favorite essential oils for happy hormones?

*Please note: V-6 does contain wheat germ oil, so if you’re highly sensitive to wheat, you might want to choose a different carrier oil to use in this recipe.