Spreading JOY!

Selah is now 5 months old, and she is so LOVED everywhere she goes! The area in which we live is super dog friendly, and dogs are welcomed most places other than the grocery store, so Selah gets to go with me almost everywhere!

The above photo is from The Home Depot, and this is the store manager who absolutely LOVES my girl! Selah has been trained to politely sit when people want to pet her, but more often than not, people will pick her up and literally kiss her. It is precious, and what comes next is my favorite part. So often, people will share that they’ve been having a hard day and that their interaction with Selah totally turned their day around!

This little love bug spreads JOY wherever she goes, and I get so much joy watching these beautiful interactions. This world could use a little more joy, don’t you think?