Adventure Awaits!

This little floof is 4 1/2 months old, and just so full of wonder! Selah loves cruising around the neighborhood with one paw hanging out the window, wind blowing through her hair, enjoying the new sights and smells. (Don’t worry, she is clipped into a harness, so no risk of her jumping out that window!)

As I watch her in my rearview mirror, I wonder what it is like to be so free. Selah literally has not a care in the world. I’ve worked really hard to create a strong, confident puppy who knows her every need will be met. You see, when you know your needs will be met–physically, emotionally, relationally–you are not anxious. You are free to enjoy life, without worry or fear. And, that, my friends, is what Selah does!

I never realized a little puppy would make me ponder such deep things, but as I observe Selah, I want more of what she has. More confidence. Less fear. More wonder. Less worry. More moments of finding joy in the simple things. More moments of resting in the sunshine, just enjoying nature around me. I knew I’d enjoy having a puppy, but I had no clue how much she would completely change the lens through which I view life…

DIY Soft Scrub for Sparkling Clean Sinks!

I don’t know about you, but porcelain sinks used to be one of my LEAST favorite parts of the house to clean, because it required so much elbow grease to get them sparkling. All that has changed!

Check out my sink today, after rinsing it with warm water, but before scrubbing:


All of what you see above are set in stains from before we moved into this house. Yuck!


Today, I was finally ready to tackle this beast of a sink situation. The amazing thing is it only took 2 simple ingredients!


You probably recognize the first ingredient on the left, good ol’ baking soda! I have tried cleaning sinks with baking soda alone, and it helped lighten the stains, but it didn’t remove them. That is why I decided to experiment with adding one more ingredient to the mix–Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate!

I put one cup of baking soda and one capful of Thieves Cleaner into this small bowl, and this was the resulting “paste” that it produced.

I then wet my sink, and spread this paste all over the sink, using just my fingers. I could have used a sponge, but I didn’t have one handy so I tried using just my hands first, and it worked perfectly! I wish I had a photo of the “during” process, but my hands were too dirty to snap a pic. I just lightly moved the paste around the sink, using slight pressure, but no actual scrubbing. I then rinsed the sink with warm water, and I was SHOCKED by what I saw!!!




Are you ready for it???

Look at how SPARKLING white this sink is!!! All of this without using any harsh chemicals!

This same method works for cleaning bathtubs as well, so give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Oh, wait, one more thing! If you are not yet a Young Living member and would like a FREE sample of Thieves Household Cleaner, please contact me using the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the website and I’d love to chat with you & get a sample to you!