3 months old!

My sweet baby girl turned 3 months old last week, and I can’t believe how big my little teddy bear is getting! Don’t get me wrong, Selah is still a tiny little nugget, but so much bigger than when I brought her home just 5 weeks ago!

Selah is just the sweetest, most gentle girl, and her name suits her SO well. She loves to just sit outside and watch the squirrels run from tree to tree and listens intently to the sounds of birds chirping!

Selah has just started sleeping all the way through the night–thank you Jesus!–and that is making life so much easier around here!

And it is true what they say about Goldendoodles…this girl is crazy smart! It only took her 48 hours to be 100% house trained. I was shocked! We start puppy training classes this week, and I’m excited to see all the new things we’ll learn together!