Puppy Hair Care!

It has been a bit cold & rainy here the last few weeks, and yet Selah doesn’t have that horrible “wet dog” smell that so many pups do. Because of this, I get asked all the time how I keep Selah’s hair so soft and smelling so great.

I have a couple of tricks! In addition to providing her with a nutrient-rich diet, I bathe Selah using Young Living’s Animal Scents Shampoo! This shampoo does not contain the toxic ingredients that many doggie shampoos contain, such as synthetic fragrances and sodium lauryl sulfate. Those toxic ingredients are drying to a dogs hair or fur, which can cause it to be dry and not shiny, plus they can be irritating to the skin. Animal Scents Shampoo does not contain any of these toxic ingredients, PLUS it is infused with essential oils which are soothing to the skin, nourishing to the hair and fur, and smell absolutely amazing!!! Because the shampoo is non-drying, I can wash Selah as often as necessary and not worry about her hair or skin getting dry or irritated. So any time she decides to play in mud puddles, I just give a quick little bath!

In addition to baths, I wipe Selah down with Young Living’s Seedlings Baby wipes every night before bed, plus any time she gets a bit dirty outside. They have a soft, lavender scent, and she loves them! She will sniff the wipes and her hair after I wipe her down, and because there are only safe ingredients in these wipes, I don’t have to worry about her absorbing harmful chemicals!

For more info on either of these products, you can hop over to the Essential Oils tab at the top of the website or click here.