Introducing Selah!

Last week, I brought home the sweetest little bundle of Joy! Selah Joy is a 2-month-old (today!), 7-pound Mini Goldendoodle, and she is the sweetest little snuggle bug! I seriously cannot believe this little teddy bear is real!

The name Selah comes from the Psalms, and it means “to pause and reflect” or “to rest.” I chose this name for this sweet girl, because Goldendoodles are known for being sweet, gentle companion dogs who love to just be with their person. In just the few days this sweet girl has been home, I have paused so many times to enjoy her snuggles, to watch her sleep, to play endless games of fetch and tug of war. This sweet girl causes me to to pause from the hustle and bustle and really just be present in the moment. The rest is good for my soul!