Farmhouse Style Planter!

I found this chair on an online swap page for $10, and I immediately fell in LOVE with it! I bought it, and it sat in my garage for over a year, because I couldn’t quite decide what to do with a chair that was missing it’s seat! Sure, I could make a seat for it, but that just didn’t seem like the purpose this chair was meant to serve.¬†Finally, it came to me!

Make it into a farmhouse-style planter for my front porch!

Once I decided what to do with it, the actual making of the planter took 5 minutes, as I just happened to have a hanging basket that was the perfect size to insert into the center of the chair!

Seriously, how cute is this?!? I love that it looks like a well-worn chair that has taken on a new life! It seriously makes me SO happy every time I see the bright pink cyclamen sitting in their new home!

What fun projects have you done lately?