VALOR…what does it mean?

Hello and welcome to my new website!

I chose the name Drop of Valor, because it encompasses the purpose behind my passion for sharing my life with others. The word valor is defined as “courage” or “bravery.” Some definitions add “in the face of adversity.” I’ve had my share of adversity in my life, and what I have found is that some days you just need a little drop of encouragement, something to give you the courage to keep pressing forward…a drop of valor.

This website will be a place where I share some of the things that have helped me along the way. Some of those things are as simple as slowing down and enjoying the beauty around me, so you’ll see some photos of some of the things I love and that bring me joy!  Other things that have helped me are removing toxic chemicals from my home, so you’ll see some of the ways I have accomplished that over the past several years.  DIY projects are a huge stress reliever for me, so I’ll share some of my favorites here! Essential oils are something that have played a huge role in not only detoxing my home, but also in supporting emotional strength and wellness through times of stress, so you’ll definitely see some posts about them!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!